Basic Bio Regulation System

The forgotten organ

All our body cells are surrounded by connective tissue, all blood vessels, nerves and lymphatic vessels begin and end there, all hormones exert their action there and the total metabolism of every body cell thus runs through the connective tissue.

Another name often used in naturopathic circles is therefore: basic bio regulation system (BBRS).

The BBRS allows all the cells of our body to connect with each other, and external influences are first felt in the BBRS.

Wat is BBRS, Basis Bio Regulatie Systeem

What is BBRS, Basic Bio Regulation System

The environment of cells determines how they function. Between all body cells is the soft connective tissue and intermediate connective tissue fluid. This soft connective tissue contains about 60% to 70% of human tissue, in volume about 3 times the volume of blood, about 18 litres. So in fact, it is by far our largest organ.

The body cells themselves do not make contact with each other. Therefore, all nutrients and waste products, as well as hormones, immune cells, etc. have to be transported to and from the cells via this soft connective tissue. For example, the skin is nourished from the soft connective tissue via the blood and waste products from the skin are transported to the lymphatic system via the soft connective tissue.

The intermediate connective tissue fluid, together with the soft connective tissue, ensures that all cells within the body are connected to form a large functional system.

We call this soft connective tissue and all the processes that take place in it the Basic Bio-Regulatory System (BBRS). In the connective tissue, very important body functions are regulated, such as metabolism and temperature control. It is also through this connective tissue that all stimulus transmission from the central nervous system takes place.


Information can be transmitted in three ways:

  • Nerves, or neural (nerve endings end up in the soft connective tissue )
  • Blood (blood vessels end up in the soft connective tissue)
  • Electromagnetic fields (Electromagnetic fields have been shown to be essential for sustaining life, Dr F. Popp has demonstrated this with biophotons).

The soft connective tissue and cells can store vibrational patterns (in water) that affect the functioning of the organism. At the basis of life is an energy field that governs our body. Whether this functions properly depends largely on our soft connective tissue. In the BBRS lies an extensive network of proteoglycans and glucosamino-glycans, so-called sugar protein chains. These chains can transport information like a superconductor.

In our body, 10 to the 18 e =10,000,000,000,000,000,000 reactions take place every second! All coordinated and in conjunction! How is this possible? It is only possible if there is lightning-fast communication and/or an underlying guiding energy field.


Contaminated tissues means:

  1. A polluted electromagnetic field.
  2. Impaired biochemistry due to a gel state of the soft connective tissue. This interferes with the transport function of the BBRS.

Clean tissues means:

Free from biochemical contamination such as heavy metals and free from electromagnetic contamination which can be of a very different nature. For good health, cleansing is essential. Cleansing of the tissues and of our mind! This is because our mind also produces vibrations that pollute the electromagnetic pattern and become part of our electromagnetic field.

Prerequisites for a healthy BBRS are

  • Absence of toxic load (e.g. heavy metals).
  • Sufficient nutrients.
  • No blocking loads of medications.
  • No geopathic load, no foci and interference fields.
  • No microbial (viral, bacterial, parasitic) load.

Causes of disrupted BBRS are

  1. Nutritional deficiencies.
  2. Toxic load.
  3. Viral load.
  4. Bacterial load.
  5. Intestinal contamination.
  6. Fungal contamination.
  7. Food allergy/intolerance
  8. Vaccination load.
  9. Parasitic load.
  10. Hereditary toxins.
  11. Electrosmog - Geopathy.
  12. Negative emotions.
  13. Wrong thoughts.
  14. Wrong diet.
  15. Wrong habits, lifestyle, breathing.
  16. Hearth and disturbance fields.

Choose the programme that suits you

If you regularly suffer from fluid retention, then the BBRS may be contaminated. This can lead to chronic fatigue and depression. The Detox programme and the sport and fit programme both work for a contaminated BBRS.

Each programme is put together with care and has its own structure and specific operation. Sometimes expertise is required. Headaches or raised blood pressure may have as an underlying cause excessive fluid retention due to a forgotten infection. So feel free to ask for expert advice....

With each programme, we see the following improvements reflected: better and deeper sleep patterns, deeper breathing, a change in your posture because je steviger op je benen staat en veel meer in het hier en nu leeft.