natural sleep pattern

Sleep is essential

natural sleep pattern

Our system basically has three factors from which we get the energy to function: sleep, breathing and food. 

Food is least necessary, provided the sleep pattern is deep enough and the oxygen level in the body cells is sufficient then we are largely charged.
The experiences of people with programmes in the Recovery Cabin confirm this; they feel fitter, have more stamina and sleep more deeply. 
And in many cases, we see weight loss and even changed food cravings (sweet, sour, spicy, bitter and salty).


Wat is BBRS, Basis Bio Regulatie Systeem

sleep is essential

On average, we sleep 7.5 hours a night. By default, young people sleep slightly longer than older people. 
About 10 per cent of people suffer from severe insomnia, predominantly more women than men. 
In this group, we speak of chronic poor sleep.
From an evolutionary perspective, sleeping is actually dangerous, you are vulnerable because you are not alert to possible attacks. 
You put your survival at risk, from this stored mechanism flows why people don't sleep well when the environment is unsafe. (family, work, school, shock, trauma, financial insecurity ect.) 
Besides external factors, the same process can occur when the body is stressed for survival.( fever, too much medication, infections, birth trauma) 
Too much electricity
We are actually talking about electricity, incentives. 
We humans, environment interior, possess electricity and the environment, environment exterior, in which we live also develops electricity. 
One of the strengths of the Recovery Cabin is the restoration of disturbed electromagnetic fields.
An imbalance in these relationships creates a certain mental alertness - frontal fear (startle reaction)- which makes completely relaxing the mind and body at the same time very difficult or even sometimes impossible.
As a result, sleep depth is insufficient. 
In some cases, another safe sleep environment is a temporary solution.

Purpose of sleep

Physical recovery, tension release.
Cooling and balancing (liver and spleen) energy.
During sleep, experiences are processed.
During delta sleep, neurochemical waste products are removed from the cerebellum.
Fail to achieve deep delta sleep, sleep deprivation, the result is an accumulation of waste products in the brain.
The lack of deep delta sleep is identified in some studies as the reason why people become mentally fatigued, think less well, have poorer decision-making skills and - if predisposed to it - become more prone to migraines and epileptic seizures. 
A natural sleep pattern runs as follows, a light sleep (reset Alpha waves) then we enter the brake sleep and after the brake phase we go into Delta sleep in 4 stages, with increasing sleep depth. 

Sleep disorders

We talk about sleep disorders when the following occurs:
·       Sleep apnoea: occurs in 3% of the population but mainly among people with risk factors; older than 50 years, obese with large neck circumference and snoring in particular is a sensitive indicator especially if it is very loud and occurs more than 3 times a week along with sticking or gasping breathing. Is often accompanied by heartburn, sexual dysfunction and headache.
·        Narcolepsy: uncontrollable sleep or sleep pressure.
·        RBS: restless leg syndrome, a physical cause can be identified for it.
·        Circadian rhythm sleep disorders - shift work, jet lag, etc.


Abnormal symptoms during sleep
Nightmares (PTSD), Sleepwalking, Sleep shocks, Brake sleep behaviour disorders (insufficient motor inhibition causing dream content to manifest itself motorically), Tooth grinding, Insomnia in depression or anxiety (PTSD), Disruption of day/night rhythms in Alzheimer's disease.
It seems that the brain needs sleep to do major cleaning every night.
Allerlei afvalproducten die overdag worden afgescheiden door de hersencellen, worden ‘s nachts door een ingenieus rioleringssysteem uit het brein verwijderd. Zodat een mens na een goede nachtrust met een helder hoofd ontwaakt en er weer helemaal tegenaan kan. 


Choose the programme that suits you

Are you getting deep sleep? Sometimes you find yourself looking in the wrong corner and trying to compensate for the lack of sleep with modified diet, expensive supplements or with lots of exercise. The strongest source of energy is and remains sleep! 

The Recovery Cabin helps you both physically and mentally relax more deeply resulting in a different sleeping pattern.

Each programme is put together with care and has its own structure and specific effect. However sometimes expertise is required, a headache or increased blood pressure may have as an underlying cause excess fluid due to a forgotten infection. Feel free to ask for expert advice....

With each programme, we see standard improvements in sleep patterns, breathing, a body position change due to je stevig op je benen staat en je leeft veel meer in het hier en nu.