Program: SPORT FIT

Main complaint:

And there you are, on a bed and all you have to do is lie with your legs in some kind of heating cabin. The 'lid' rests on your legs. And that for 45 minutes. Of course I wanted to try that. Always interesting... and it was!
During/after each session I talked to Eddie about what I had felt after the previous session and possibly during..
I have a cluster of varicose veins with a bump near my ankle. After the first session I was very itchy, but the bump is almost completely gone after the 5th session. I also started sleeping deeper from the first session and that was certainly a relief! What is also very striking is that I ended up sleeping without a pillow. I also have almost no neck problems anymore.
I also notice that I can release my heat better. Usually I felt like my head was bursting with heat, but not anymore. As if my body regulates this better. I also notice that I can express myself more quickly and am more decisive than usual.

It was striking that I started eating more and that was very scary. Especially since I have type 2 diabetes and have fluctuated a lot with my weight in the past. In the meantime, the home situation was very turbulent and this is usually reflected in high sugar levels, but nothing could be further from the truth!! My sugars were not up and I anxiously await my quarterly check-up in the hope that despite all the stress, my sugars have not gone up or even dropped a bit. My weight has at least dropped slightly despite the extra food.

Yesterday I received the results of my 3 month check-up. It was now 4.5 months ago, but the curve is actually from the last 6 weeks.
Starting with the fact that a decline had already started in the last year, but I have a measurement that is so low that it is 7!!! years since I had this measurement. Despite the fact that I was in a very stressful period in my life and that is very remarkable. Stress greatly increases my sugars, so I have almost no other explanation than that your invention contributed to this.

Sandra Pikaar

more energy/more energetic, deep(er) sleep (waking up more rested), more cheerful (experiencing more joy), less emotional and menstrual cycle restored. In short, a feeling of 'no one cares for me', I am closer to myself, I know better what I do want and therefore also what I do not want. Communicating comes easier to me; I indicate better when something does not feel okay (I communicate more calmly, I can better leave out emotions) and I am more successful in not constantly entering into discussions

have already done a session a number of times, for me it was mainly for my inner unrest... During the session I came into a deep relaxation that gives me peace in my body and my brain, it feels like I can handle the whole world and that gives me a feeling of peace. free feeling and can better connect with my feelings and my body feels stronger... Now I have another session of 3 to get through the winter... I recommend it to everyone!!!!!

The Recovery Cabin has already had a very positive effect on me. Getting out of bed was always difficult, my whole body was stiff, painful and almost always cold or suddenly much too hot. Actually, I had kind of given up on my body; I thought there was pretty much nothing that could be done. Now that I am following this program, I have much more energy, I sleep better and I have less pain or stiffness. When it does bother me, it is easier to solve something myself, which at first seemed impossible. As you can imagine, this also has a positive effect on my mental health. Therefore, if anyone is considering doing this, I definitely recommend checking it out.

Program: SPORT FIT

Main complaint:  a painful left hip for more than 2 years, frequent visits to osteopath and chiropractor.*

The first time I went home feeling very lethargic. I noticed that my left hip pain was gone. The next day I had terrible pain on the right side of my neck. After the 2nd treatment this partially disappeared. Now I clearly felt more warmth, I even thought it was scorching hot in there. It was also clearly noticeable that the heat went through my legs to my upper body and very odors did its work in my torso. It also felt like a kind of current running through the body. Had a lovely nap again. In the evening I slept wonderfully and noticed that I got up a little fitter and also a little earlier than normal. Now I have severe pain in my neck again.

We took heat photos during the third treatment and you could clearly see how the fluid moved in the body before and after. Now I felt even more happening in the body and it was my back's turn during the treatment. Clear feeling that something is changing in the body. 2 days afterwards neck pain but felt different, the large muscles were now busy. Get a little fitter and even cycle to practice. Wonderfully warm and clearly the warmth in the face.

I often feel stiff afterwards and notice that when you do gentle stretches or yoga exercises afterwards, it is wonderful for my body.

Do you have to urinate a lot at night? Isn't that a lot of fluid that can be removed?

Hip is still good, also notice that muscles work differently there and that gives an uncomfortable feeling.

Research has shown that osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, etc. need more treatments today than 15 years ago. The reason is increasing stiffness of the soft tissue. (a dirty BBRS)

Kiki Lassooy

*Research has shown that osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, etc. need more treatments today than 15 years ago. The reason is increasing stiffness of the soft tissue (a contaminated BBRS).

Program: DETOX

Main complaint: Arthrosis

I came across Eddy through a friend. She had good experiences with the infrared cabin and wanted me to experience that too. Without any expectations, but with my usual level-headedness, I took on the adventure.

During the introductory meeting, Eddy mentioned a few striking things about me, which made me think about where I am at the moment in my life and what I would actually like to achieve. His clear explanation of how I can get in my way, in particular, sticks in my mind. I say clearly, the way Eddy names things may seem simple, but it gives a lot of food for thought. Like: I have to do something with that. And I wasn't prepared for that. It affected me enormously.

Once “in” the cabin I kept thinking about what had just been said, but I quickly became distracted by what I felt happening. It was pleasant, warm, and it seemed as if tickling ants were slowly walking up from my feet through my body, in a pleasant way. I thought it was very special that Eddy could indicate exactly where the procession of ants was. I can't explain it, but I got out of the cabin a bit wobbly, and in the evening I noticed that my joints felt more flexible and I could make fists, while normally I can hardly do that due to osteoarthritis in my hands.

It's a shame that Goes is such a far drive for me, otherwise I would definitely go again.


Post-Corona track

I have been to Marian Franken. Environment was quiet. And had 8 treatments with a recovery cabin, alternating with immunity and detox, about 45 minutes lying down. Also measured twice and had drops. I have recovered well and quickly from corona and pneumonia, shortness of breath after hospitalization. In addition, I also eat healthy and go for walks and fitness.
Kind regards, Patrick 

Programme: CHILDREN

Main complaint: ADHD, restlessness, emotional imbalance.

Our son has been diagnosed with ADHD and suffers from tantrums, he ate poorly and slept very restlessly. He underwent a program in the recovery cabin in combination with taking homeopathic nosodes. The result was very surprising, he started sleeping better, calmer and deeper. Started eating more and more varied food and his recovery after a tantrum has changed significantly, he accepts everything much more easily. He seems much calmer and content, super happy!

I recommend everyone to follow this session. In any case, you are more steadfast in your life and you understand better how your body and mind are intertwined, so that in the long term you actually make logical choices because you know where it comes from. Fantastic😍right? What more do you want in your life?

If you want to work on yourself without putting too much effort yourself. Then the recovery cabin is for you.

After three operations about 10 years ago, I could no longer lay my arms flat back, which remained hanging above the ground. After being in the cabin once, I noticed that this was possible again. a lot of tension is gone around my chest area and I feel freer. This also makes me pay more attention to my posture. I also feel happier, fitter and more energetic

I was diagnosed with a hernia between L5 and S1. I could no longer sit or even walk and was in pain (despite the Oxycodone and Pregabalin). I had to crawl through the house. I was transported here lying down in the beginning. With each treatment I felt better, better blood flow, more relaxation and the pain started to decrease. This was also clearly visible in the scans. Excellent advice was also given regarding rehabilitation that was very helpful to me. This literally got me back on my feet! Greetings, Jessica Cornelisse

I had a very positive experience with the recovery cabin. I feel fitter and closer to myself. After 5 sessions I still experience small changes. After the second and third sessions I didn't feel so fit, it was clear that my body was clearing out what it didn't need. From now on, visiting the cabin will be part of taking care of my body and mind and I will continue to visit the cabin on a regular basis.

Program: Detox

At first I was just going to give it a try. I had nothing to lose and I only heard good things about it. So time to experience it yourself.

I soon noticed that my body started to correct itself. For example, in the week after the first session I got a lot of headaches. “The Recovery Cabin is supposed to take away the pain, right?” I still thought. After each session I would experience some discomfort, but this only lasted 1 or 2 days, after which it felt better. I didn't stand well on my feet, so I eventually felt pain in my feet and legs. My back has also had its turn. I started to notice that it was always a place that we had talked about during the session. That was proof to me that my body was really correcting and that the Recovery Cabin lives up to its name.

Een bijkomend voordeel (waar ik eerder niet aan gedacht had) was het mentale gedeelte.
An additional advantage (which I had not thought of before) was the mental part. While I used to be quite direct, sometimes too direct, I had recently become a bit dull. It crept in without me realizing it. I once said to my friend: “I have lost the 'sharpness of my tongue', and I actually miss that.” Thanks to the Recovery Cabin I have come closer to myself again. More cheerful and direct again as I was. I have a quick reaction, am clearer of mind and a straight talker? That is past tense!

Program: DETOX

Follow-up program: SUCCESS & FOCUS

Head complaints:: imbalance, burnout, exhaustion, ineffectiveness, communication problems, uncertainty, suspicion.

After a number of “regular consultations” at Balans-Healing, I was also introduced to the Recovery Cabin - five treatments have now passed.

Coming from an overworked situation, with complaints such as emotional imbalance, excessive control and rigidity, fluid and waste retention, lack of concentration and focus, I now notice an improvement in all areas:

Life has become more and more of an experience for me, because I no longer have to maintain it so rigidly and with the urge to control. This brings a lot of peace, is much less stressful and tiring and in turn strengthens my confidence in myself. The exaggerated rationality has been surrendered for a more creative and emotional attitude: “feeling”. Rationality and creativity/feeling complement each other and are in balance.

People experience me as a more open person, a person with a listening ear. Instead of talking about my problems, I now talk about their problems. A strange but beautiful sensation and experience. Completely opposite from 1 year ago.

I feel fitter, more energetic and less heavy. I notice that my organs (spleen, liver, intestines) become more balanced and no longer respond to the previous emotional imbalance and the moments of stress that of course still occur occasionally. Supposedly, I also deal better with the influences from my environment and know how to define the boundaries better. The constant pleasing is over, without sacrificing effective interaction. In fact, interaction has become much clearer and better.

I experienced every treatment in the Cabin differently. Starting with a completely relaxed and cleansed feeling. After this experience, I really felt the effect on the body during the next treatment: you literally feel that the body is starting to work, getting going again. You feel tingling, new energy in those parts where it is needed. I also noticed that my posture improved and was less stiff. You also become more attentive to your own posture: you start to feel when things are going wrong, while before I would say: don't worry and move on.

I entered the last two treatments with a conscious intention, with a specific question, emotion. It appears that this intention is actually being addressed, although this only becomes visible after a few days.

In short, you can undertake these treatments as you wish, from comprehensive to very specific. My tip would be: be surprised by the profound relaxation during the first treatment.

Gert Jan


Biggest reason to go into the Recovery cabin was my many years of Ménière's disease attacks, but in the end it brought me much more, even small problems that did not really seem relevant have disappeared or are now less prominent.

Varicose veins, cramps and chills in the legs, much deeper sleep, no more watery eyes, much fitter, supple neck (I especially notice it when driving!) and lower back. I now regularly go to the recovery cabin to keep track of it because I don't want all this back!

Mrs. Wernerbol

Program: DETOX 

Main reason: preventive, letting go, finding balance

Unconsciously you carry more 'burden' with you than desired and often necessary, at least I do. Sometimes I felt too responsible for others, for those around me and certainly for my children, for example. The Recovery Cabin made my body so relaxed, and therefore my head too, that I could literally let go of much more from that relaxed position. Without having to do anything for it (which was normally my 'hold on'). I notice that I am calmer, think less and can and may act more based on my intuition.

I have now only had three sessions, with my third being the most intense (the biggest, noticeable result). I have also gained a little weight; Apparently I hadn't given my body what it needed, I didn't expect it, but I still feel good about this. Apparently this is part of me. I am very curious about the next sessions and the effect.



Program: DETOX

Main complaints: vibrating nerves, shoulder complaints and jumping pain complaints. At the time of the first session I was also still experiencing the after-effects of the coronavirus.

The result after the first treatment with the recovery cabin was:

a lot of noise from my stomach, the digestion had started!

The first night's sleep was very restless, the next day I had

a short period of severe diarrhea. After this detox I started to sleep much better and I experienced more air when breathing and I noticed that my nerves were calm and the shoulder no longer caused radiation to my neck.

A stunning result, soon a second session!


Program: SPORT FIT

Main complaints: no energy, short breathing, restless mentally and sleep, neck, shoulder complaints and headache (corona).

The result after three times was actually quite extraordinary, I am much calmer mentally, breathing is back to normal and I have already forgotten about my afternoon nap a few times.

And I sleep much better and deeper also I feel more hungry, the headaches have improved, though I did have two short migraine attacks in a row ( seemingly part of it )

After every session when I came down I was very stiff, this stiffness disappeared after cycling and urinating more than normal. Oh yes, my cold lower legs have not been cold again after the first time.

Mrs. De Pundert

 Chief complaint: disturbed sleep pattern

  1. I felt wonderfully calm the next evening, a peaceful feeling
  2. Less cold feet after the first time, after four times I didn't notice it anymore, but my feet were just warm!
  3. My biggest problem for a long time, sleeping and dreaming, was sleeping until 4:45 am without dreaming!
    Then the well-known cat naps with accompanying bad dreams. Now after 4 times my sleeping pattern has changed, I sleep deeper and fall asleep more easily. When I sleep deeper I no longer have dreams!
  4. A lot of thought about the past
  5. Lying in the mud hut for a while with your legs in a warm time machine was a very special experience, I will come back regularly!
Wil Houtepen v Putten

Main complaint: I have osteoarthritis on the outside of my right knee and cannot bend my leg so far that my heel touches my buttock.

After three treatments in Eddie's Recovery Cabin, I was able to notice a certain improvement.

Now three weeks later I can actually bend my leg further than before and without pain.

It is not completely resolved yet, but there is definitely improvement!


Main reason: recovery after Corona

After being sick, the corona virus, for 3 weeks and recovering, I started the Recovery cabin. Didn't know what to expect, but what a special experience. You feel all kinds of things in your body like the bubbling of your bowels, your body getting heavier and then lighter again, hot and cold alternate, fluids increase and go away again. Layer by layer is tackled. You start to feel better and fitter, you relax much deeper and better, muscles and joints are more supple and your posture is better.

I experienced it as very nice and am happy that I recovered so quickly after my illness.


Main reason: recovery after Corona

After being sick, the corona virus, for 3 weeks and recovering, I started the Recovery cabin. Didn't know what to expect, but what a special experience. You feel all kinds of things in your body like the bubbling of your bowels, your body getting heavier and then lighter again, hot and cold alternate, fluids increase and go away again. Layer by layer is tackled. You start to feel better and fitter, you relax much deeper and better, muscles and joints are more supple and your posture is better.

I experienced it as very nice and am happy that I recovered so quickly after my illness.