Frequently asked questions

Natural effect Recovery cabin

The Recovery Cabin is a concept with many applications, based on the natural workings of the human system. As a result, it has a profound effect on several levels. The various techniques used ultimately find their origin in Quantum Physics. Some examples and general areas of operation are:


  • Energy frequency
  • Radiant heat
  • Air ions
  • Color therapy
  • Foot reflexology
  • Fever theory 
  • Faraday cage
  • Centralizing the body
  • Mental balance (left and right in balance)
  • Nervous systems
  • Humidity
  • Inner communication
  • Detoxification Basic Bio Regulation System ( BBRS )
  • Deep pressure stimulation (DDS)
  • Limbic system


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General information


 The Recovery Cabin approaches the body from a different angle. The main pillar of this view is core temperature. Every body functions best at a core temperature of 37 degrees. If this temperature deviates too much by default, it has physical, emotional and mental consequences The Recovery Cabin corrects, among other things, the deviating core temperature so that basic processes such as breathing, metabolism, sleep, removal of waste products and blood circulation are restored to your personal standard and rhythm. These basic processes affect all underlying processes of the body.



Who is the Recovery Cabin suitable for and what are the general symptoms ?

The Recovery Cabin is suitable for anyone who wants to invest in their health and well-being. Fatigue, muscle pain, skin conditions, mood swings and frustrations, insomnia, poor concentration, unstable hormone levels, irregular bowel movements and toxic load are situations and symptoms that the Recovery Cabin works directly on. 

Exceptions treatment and use of medications

You should not receive treatment in cases of severe cardiac arrhythmia, pregnancy, epilepsy, kidney failure and with electronic implants such as pacemakers.

When using medication, you must always indicate this to us.

Do I have to undress in the cabin?
Your legs go down to just above your knees in the Recovery Cabin. You take off your shoes and socks and bare your lower legs.
Hygiene of the cabin
The Cabin has a specific climate that does not allow bacteria and fungi to grow. The Cabin is aired after use and the blanket is changed. You can also bring your own towel
How long does a treatment last?

 A treatment for adults lasts 45 minutes. For children up to 12 years, the treatment lasts 30 minutes.

Is reimbursement by health insurance possible ?
No, we we are classified as wellness and not medic. This allows us to keep prices low and act in the best interest of the customer.
What payment methods are there?
This depends on the location, ask for the possibilities.

related studies

De Recovery Cabin is een nieuw en uniek product. Er zijn vele studies over de uitwerking van Far Infraroodstraling op het lichaam. Hieronder vind je de onderzoeken over de belangrijkste werkingsgebieden.

The ionizing effect has also been studied and the results are also below:

Ionizing effect is strek linked depressive feelings.



Certification and CO2 label

The emitters used are CE certified and have a CO2 label.

Own experiences and research
The experiences of working out the recovery cabin were tracked for two years and have been incorporated into this website.